Kam Chancellor Saves Seahawks on Monday Night Football, is Cam Newton Early MVP Favorite and Who is the Best Undefeated Team? (NFL Week 4 Recap)

Kam Chancellor Saves Seahawks on Monday Night Football, is Cam Newton Early MVP Favorite and Who is the Best Undefeated Team? (NFL Week 4 Recap)

Anyone that felt as if the Seahawks star safety Kam Chancellor wasn’t worth the contract extension he has been fighting for (and even missed a couple of games over) would be in denial if they felt that way still after Monday Night Football. His impact was immediately felt, especially by the elite Calvin Johnson as he came across the middle of the field in the 2nd half. It is not often you see the 6’5 240lb receiver get folded and we don’t expect to see it again anytime sooner than another lunar eclipse.  That wouldn’t be the last time these two had a game changing collision, late in the 4th Quarter as Johnson was stretching for the goal line in hopes of tying the game up – Chancellor punched the football out for the clinching effort. If winning the game for your team (13-10) isn’t enough to get an extension, not sure what qualifies. Maybe numbers? The Seahawks only allowed 1 FG on 18 drives after he returned to the field. The Legion of Boom is back in tact and opposing offenses know it. NFC is shaping up to showcase a 3-way duel between Atlanta, Green Bay and Seattle for that top spot. But, in order for Seattle to be apart of that conversation they will need Chancellor in uniform…in other words, cut the check. He is a franchise player.


One of the most surprising stories thus far has to be the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton. This summer everyone remembers how Cam and a teammate got into a fist fight during camp. The two brushed it off, like it’s football and we’re all competitors…it happens. Of course questions would come up wondering whether or not there were unspoken team chemistry issues. Next, the Panthers lost Kelvin Benjamin who was an integral part of the offense – so more questions surfaced as the future began to look shaky for the Ron Rivera led group. That is until the first snap of the NFL season. All questions, doubts and the “what ifs” went out the window as the team has earned their way to a perfect 4-0 start. While it still may be early on but when you look at the team around him, Cam Newton is displaying MVP potential behind leadership on and off the field as well as making plays and players around him better. Definition of a MVP. These next 4 games will test him fully though as they face the Seahawks, Colts, Packers and Eagles. Let’s see what happens matched up against 3 of the toughest teams in the NFC.

Cam Newton

Although Cam is doing more for his team on offense due to lack of depth, it is a team sport and the Panthers aren’t the only undefeated one in the NFL. So, we have to ask the question. Who is really the best undefeated team right now in the league? Is it:

  Julio Jones, Matt Ryan and the 4-0 Falcons?

 Aaron Rodgers and the 4-0 Packers?

 Tom Brady and the 3-0 Patriots?

 The unorthodox Bengals at 4-0?

 Cam Newton and the 4-0 Panthers?


Hit us @SwaysUniverse and let us know who you think is the best undefeated team in the league right now!

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