Renaissance City. Motor City. 313. The city of Detroit can be recognized by many names but one word describes most of their population, “Fighters.” They’ve overcame so much and at the same time given the world great examples such as Motown and someone with a different type of hook in boxing legend Joe Louis. Our special guest Kahlee Sweeney carries on the legacy, embodying that fighter spirit and put it into the form of Downtown Boxing Gym youth program.

After growing up in the city, he knew exactly where to go for the solutions when it came to kids struggling in school whether that was due to lack of recreation, academic mentoring or even food. Creating a program that offers free boxing lessons for older guys in exchange for mentoring a younger generation that comes through the doors is invaluable and shows Detroit youth that there are positive things happening around them.

Check out the interview above from Kahlee Sweeney and learn more about his Downtown Boxing Gym youth program right here.

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