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K. Michelle’s Tearful Interview Fighting Against Her Gift of Music Being Limited, Social Media’s Treatment of Kehlani/August Alsina and “More Issues Than Vogue”

In one of the most personal discussions (you can’t even call this an “interview”) to date, K Michelle continues to be completely transparent with not only herself but her fans in a way that is to be admired. It is what makes her such an incredible artist. That honesty. The ability to feel so much compassion, anger…a want for more, beyond what’s expected or mediocrity. It’s being a human being with a sense of care in a world that promotes a disconnected cold nature towards one another.

You can fully sense it as she discusses her struggle in music and the limitations behind the genre boxes, feeling as if her gift/sound is being held back by a perception of “this is where we place black artists” regardless of how versatile their fan base could actually be. At the same time she clears the air about her “Blue Eyed Soul” comments towards Adele – removing all the negative association behind the clicks, admitting she has always been a fan of the popular singer. That passion to share her gift is what has kept her up for two weeks straight, putting work first whether it comes from her television appearances or making sure her brand new album “More Issues Than Vogue” touches as many people as possible. While we want her to take care of herself and her health more so, everyone who is truly passionate about what they’re doing fully understands her hustle.

As someone who bears it all constantly and understanding the power to build up or destroy someone that social media has, she offers up some positive advice for younger artists like August Alsina or Kehlani who she is good friends with. She forces those who took time trying to purposefully damage such a beautiful, young woman to ask themselves…why? What do you gain from tearing down another person behind your keyboard? Those same 140 characters could’ve been used to show support or offer up words of encouragement that can literally change a person’s life for the better – even if only for a moment. Our lives our built on moments, focus on creating as many of those good/positive moments as much as possible – not just for yourself but for others as well.

Much love to K. Michelle for continuing to fight for the change you truly believe in your heart you can create through your gift of music. That is not something we as fans take for granted nor should you ever feel as if your tears are a sign of weakness, there is true strength in that compassion. Keep your head up – sing even louder and more passionate than ever before. The world needs your gift.

Make sure you check out her new album “More Issues than Vogue” after the incredible interview below:


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