K. Michelle Shows Off Some Impressive Vocals In “Time”

“In a perfect world, you would try to prove your love, take me to the stars above.”

As we wait for her third studio album More Issues Than Vogue to drop, K. Michelle releases “Time”.  K shows off her impressive vocals and sings (preaches because these lyrics are nothing but the truth) about a perfect world where it could work out with the one you want until you realize they’re  not what you need.  This song will have you belting out the words hard, and you might not even have someone specific in mind…it’s that real.  More Issues Than Vogue comes out March 25, and if she’s singing like this, it might be a top album this year.  Check out “Time” below.

K. Michelle comments on being #1 on the R&B charts on Sway in the Morning.

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