K. Dot Drops Visual to Groovy Track “These Walls”

Kendrick has always had a gift of story telling and that’s exactly what he’s done in his new video for “These Walls”.

The video starts off with two prisoners in a cell, one being Corey Holcomb, talking about how they ended up in jail in the first place.

As he beings  to tell his story the scene changes to a live house party with barely dressed women walking around as well as gangsters drinking and doing God knows what.

The story continues.

The clip of K.Dot and Terry Crews entering a talent showing and performing the “Hit the Quan” dance is probably the most classic scene  of the video.

Check out the ever so talented Kendrick and his co-stars put together an amazing visual for ‘These Walls” :

How ironic is it that Terry Crews was just in our studio a week ago and now he’s in the video with K. Dot? Check out the interview here:



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