K Camp Tells The World September 4th ‘You Gone See’

“Blessed to be in this situation but it still don’t equal what I’m about to do.”

K. Camp deserves a lot of respect for the Slums movement/following he has consistently built over time and through all of the early attempts to put him in a “he sounds like so and so” box he overcame. The line above that came straight from his new release “Sept. 4” perfectly describes him in my eyes as someone who is extremely aware of his situation, grounded but carries that quiet confidence in knowing how much more he has to offer his fans. That something more will be shared in only a few weeks as his album quickly approaches.

In the meantime, enjoy the new drop from K.Camp “Sept. 4th (You Gone See)” below and catch his last visit to Sway in the Morning afterwards. #OnlyWayisUp

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