Just When We Thought 2016 was on the way and it was time to turn over a new leaf on Rap Beef…

Rick Ross ruined the chance of any truce that could’ve possibly happened between MMG and the YM Camp.

With the release of his new album, Black Market, in just 2 days Rozay is apparently hyped about the project and has been giving the airwaves snippets for the last few weeks.

It’s just that the one he decided to release today may or may not be one of the most controversial diss records of 2015.

The song it titled “Color Money” and over the beat Ross lyrically raps :

My lil homie made a million on his girl tour/
We back to back and down to whack a nigga unborn/
Miami niggas got them changing all the gun laws/
So run Forrest got some shooters and they dying too/
I got more money than that pussy that you’re signed to/
Survive who call this a color money conversation/
A hundred stacks will cover everything I’m contemplating/
Full confrontation home invasion for the quarter key.
Them cheap ass condos ain’t the safest place you want to be.
Call him a C.O. but you better not go call police/
So when I see you I’ma give you what you wanna see/
You wanna see?

Now we’ll let you guys be the judge, HOWEVER; we strongly feel that Rozay not only fired shots at Drizzy but also at his label head, Lil Wayne.

Wayne though? Things might get ugly from here. We just hope that the threats rattled off by Ross are just for the sake of wining the lyrical battle.

Unfortunately, the song was removed from most streaming sites due to a few copyright infringement issues but honestly, we need answers… Go check it out and comment below and let us know what you guys think about this.

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