Just Blaze Plays “The Roulette Theme” For the First & Last Time on Sway in the Morning

On August 8th, Just Blaze participated at the The Sprite Corner in New York for Mass Appeal’s “Rhythm Roulette” where producers took three random records and made a beat out of them in front of a live audience. Just Blaze’s session was moderated by his longtime collaborator and friend, Young Guru, less than an hour after both men discovered Sean Price had passed away.

“I feel like I just got kicked in the heart. RIP Sean P.” Tweeted Blaze right after.

Fans have been wanting this beat ever since its inception on August 8th — and Blaze played it for us this morning on Sway in the Morning.

“This will be the one time I’ll ever play it.” Blaze tells us, right before slapping us with this out-of-this-world beat.

Plus, take a listen to his live mix below.

Via SlantNews

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