Just Blaze Interview: Reveals “Casino” Sneaker Collab with Packer Shoes

Just Blaze Interview: Reveals “Casino” Sneaker Collab with Packer Shoes

Jussst Blaze.

The world renowned super producer and man of many talents Just Blaze made a special appearance to Sway in the Morning. He’s created some of the best beats our ears have been blessed with, helped build some of the most successful brands and is permanently placed in the greatest producer of all time discussions. Standing firm throughout different eras of hip hop, it is interesting to hear his view on the whole “writing your own rhymes” vs. collaboration argument.

But, this trip to the show falls outside of the musical box as he dropped news of a shoe collaboration with Packer on the way! The “Casino” theme behind the shoes is incredibly woven into every intricate detail from the Roulette inspired felt to the numbers on the back. Luckily for fans, they won’t have to wait very long to get their hands on the kicks becoming available TODAY (October 16th).

One of the most creative and organic collabs in awhile, be sure to grab a pair ASAP. Of course only after you press play on the full interview below:

just blaze

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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