Jussie Smollett On What Goes Down in His DM’s, Not Rushing His Solo Album + Dealing with Fame & Inspirational and Emotional Phone Conversation with Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s Mother

Anyone who’s heard Jussie Smollett’s interviews with Sway and the crew knows that he has blossomed into a great friend of the show. Joking about wanting to join Heather B at her house for one of her famous drinks and meals, Smollett seems right at home in the Shade 45 studio.

From going through Sway’s “Empire” lines to speaking on working with Alicia Keys, Smollett’s passion and energy shine through. Comparing fluctuating viewership to people’s perception of Michael Jackson from “Thriller” to “Bad,” Smollet jokes that he was still the best in the game no matter what people thought.

Landing a role in the upcoming “Alien” film and appearing on WGN’s “Underground” series we hear Smollett speak on his new opportunities and aspiration to play a different type of character in every new role.

Things get a little less serious from there as Smollett speaks on his active voice and Twitter. Muting the haters so they don’t get the gratification of being blocked, we hear what goes down in his DM’s. From dick pics to piercings in places he’s never seen before Smollett jokes about sending messages back to those that send pictures to tell them that it’s not necessary.

Smollett takes questions about “Empire” rumors and dismisses them as fast as they are asked. When asked about how he’s dealing with his newfound fame, Smollett opens up and reveals he would trade it for the world.

Talking briefly about the difference in making music for the show with his own album we hear Smollett tell a fan that he is simply not rushing his own original music but it will be coming out eventually. Ending the interview with a surprise call from Sybrina Fulton, the mother of the late Trayvon Martin, Smollett speaks on their friendship and how she inspires him to use his voice to bring forth positive change.

Check out the full interview above and keep up with the “Empire” star on Twitter @JussieSmollett.

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