Jussie Smollett Discusses Empire’s Music Contract, Problems With Being Pinned as a “Gay Black” Show and Comparisons to Power

It’s no secret that Fox has hit it big with their new network series “Empire,” the story of a music mogul and his family’s journey throughout the business.  It just so happens that a day after Sway’s debut on the show (playing himself of course) Sway In The Morning was blessed with the appearance of Jussie Smollett who plays Jamaal Lyon.

Joking about their interview that took place during Wednesday night’s episode, Sway once again asks Jussie if he has a lady in his life.  Dubbing Sway as a ‘baby Denzel’ the two reminisce on the filming of their scene and the show as a whole.  Playing the role of Jamaal who happens to be homosexual, Smollett dishes out some incredible insight into why it is not fair to pin the show off as being a ‘gay black’  production.

Along with discussing his character we also hear Smollett’s thoughts on people comparing “Empire” to “Power” and the music recording contract that he had to sign for the show.  Check out the interview below and let us know what you thought of Sway’s cameo on the show.

  1. Yo my girl and I ran into several empire cast members tonight in the city. Random. Two were nice enough to speak with us about the show and where it’s headed. But dude that plays the gay son kept his distance, he was holding hands and smoking (smelled like weed) and we saw then share a kiss at least twice. My girl recognized the guy as his boyfriend from Skinny, but that definitely was not some rehearsal for a future sequel that they were doing. Good to see that redbone is into chocolate after all


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