Judgement Day: Jared Fogle Sentenced To 15 Years, 8 Months

Judgement Day: Jared Fogle Sentenced To 15 Years, 8 Months

Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle has finally learned his fate, after a judge finally handed down his sentence in connection with child sex charges.

Initially rising to fame following a drastic weight loss that he attributed to a Subway diet, Fogle went on to become the face of the sandwich chain before the walls came crashing down earlier this year, following an FBI raid that sparked allegations of child rape and pornography.

Going beyond the five years requested by Fogle’s attorneys, instead U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt sentenced Fogle to approximately 15 years and 8 months in federal prison for child sex charges that included traveling to have sex with minors. He will also be listed as a sex offender, face a lifetime of supervision and be issued a $175, 000 fine.

According to defense attorney Jeremy Margolis, He traded a horrible food addiction for a horrible sex addiction.” Facing the judge before sentencing, Fogle raised concerns about his own wife and children before sobbing “At the time I truly did not think through what I was doing. Nor did I think about the consequences of my actions. 

Unmoved however Pratt advised, “You gave your wife $7 million, she’ll be okay.”  She added, “The defendant was obsessed with child pornography and sex with minors.”

According to authorities, Fogle claims to have been sexually attracted to children as young as eight years old. Due to the agreement, following his release he will not be allowed to see his own children without supervision.



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