Judd Apatow Reveals ABC Passed on His Pilot with Kevin Hart, Amy Poehler, and Jason Segal + a Closer Look at “Girls”

Somewhere there lies a list of every movie and TV series that Judd Apatow has had his hands on. This list is incredibly lengthy and would have any fan of comedy picking their jaw off the floor. We’ll humor you with just a few that include “Trainwreck,” “Knocked Up,” ” Superbad,” “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” and “Get Him To The Greek.”

With his new Netflix series “LOVE” premiering with 10 brand new episodes on February 19, Apatow joins the Sway in the Morning crew for a walk through memory lane. Considering himself a comedic nerd starting at a young age, Apatow has taken influence from classic shows and movies. Loving the pissed off demeanor of comedians, Apatow found strength in their antics while dealing with his parent’s divorce.

Having worked with the very best in the business from Ben Stiller to Will Ferrell to Jason Segal and Kevin Hart, Apatow fills Sway in on how all these connections started to happen. Making classics, Apatow also saw rejection as he reveals that ABC passed on a pilot he put together that starred Kevin Hart, Amy Poehler, Judge Reinhold, Jason Segal and January Jones.

Working with Lena Dunham on the incredibly successful series “Girls,” Apatow praises to work of Dunham and her ability to do things that others are afraid of. Pinning her as one of the greats now and continuing on, he reveals that he would love to find another way to work together at the conclusion of “Girls.”

For now though Apatow is focussing on his latest venture, the Netflix original series “LOVE” that he describes as a TV version of “Knocked Up.” Following every little detail of a newly formed relationship, the series will resonate with viewers of all ages. Apatow praises Netflix and the way they let their shows operate. Check out the full interview and keep up with Judd Apatow on Twitter @JuddApatow.

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