JS Bach Meets B-Boy: Red Bull Presents Flying Bach

JS Bach Meets B-Boy: Red Bull Presents Flying Bach

As a culture, a brand and a lifestyle it’s easily one the most influential things on the planet. No matter what corner of the globe you visit or media outlet your senses grab a hold to, there will be something to remind you – Hip Hop was Here.

Red Bull proved that even further tonight as they put together the unique mix of Bach and classical music with B-Boying for their Flying Bach event. Wondering how the two would blend had us anxious to attend. Maybe the fan of heavy piano in my favorite Key Wane beats added fuel or even Meek Mill attacking Mozart did the job. Regardless of how many hints of classical composers we unknowingly miss while listening to hard production, the idea of B-Boy energy over what is typically a slow paced genre had to be seen firsthand.

Glad that the trip was made as they managed to balance the two opposite worlds incredibly. From the reception area set up with an open floor for attendees of all ages to jump out there and show the performers weren’t the only ones with talent to the historic presence of Bach – job well done.

FullSizeRender (79)Catering to the diverse crowd with all forms of dance before mixing things up with heavy drums over the already perfected keys took things from 0-100 then back to a quiet calm at the push of a button. Ballet to the left, a dizzying Head Spin dead center and pop locking to the right as the graffiti effects for a background added necessary elements.

The talented Flying Bach team is comprised of international performers all sharing different backgrounds, varying styles and reasons for joining. But, that undeniable underlying thing that brought the entire globe together once again for a performance? Yep. As they signaled goodnight with a long bow and onlookers chanted “More, More!”…it was evident – Hip Hop was Here.


Bach, the B-Boy, pushing keys.


sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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