Joy the Drummer is living proof of "Divine Order" — She speaks on working with Beyoncé, Loyalty & Being turned down by Diddy

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

She has her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and plans on using it as a back-up plan. But by the sounds of her latest chat with the crew on Sway In The Morning — this aspiring artist, probably won’t be needing that degree.

Venzella Joy (also known as “Joy the Drummer“) believes in Divine Order: that everything happens for a reason.

Back in 2009, Joy auditioned with Sean P. Diddy Combs. Unfortunately, she didn’t end up getting picked — but found a friend. Fast forward to 2015, this friend ends up becoming the Music Director for Beyoncé.

Thanks to a single friendship, Joy’s entire life has turned up and she is now drumming for the incomparable Queen B.

Sexist as it may seem to say, it’s rare to see a female behind a drum set. But you know what? Joy proves that it can be done better than any man out there. During her sit-down with Sway In The Morning, Joy expands on how she started with the drums and also takes us through her musical journey, thus far.

It’s always nice to see how things eventually come full-circle. And as she sits with Sway, Heather B. and Tracy G. — the beautiful Venzella Joy is indeed, living proof that everything happens for a reason.

Watch the interview to the end, as she gets put on the spot and completely slays it on the drums:


On April 4, she has an EP coming out titled, “Orange Moon” — which ironically is the next Lunar Eclipse (and if you didn’t know, is also called Orange Moon). Venzella Joy is not only well-educated, but she’s a witty one.

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