Joss Stone Reveals the Hardest Song She’s Ever Written, Bouncing Music Ideas Off Raphael Saadiq & Soulfully Sings Over the 5 Fingers of Death

Coming into the game at a young age and equipped with an incredibly powerful voice, Joss Stone grabbed the attention of those from her home country of England as well as those across the pond.

Out now promoting her new album “Water For Your Soul,” Stone has stopped by Sway in the Morning to speak on her love for soul music and ability to express herself through her music.  Being a soul artist, Stone has written many emotional ballads that have people up in their feelings.  But which song has been the toughest song for her to write?  She fills us in on the track and the emotional process that went along with it.

Having an incredible musical relationship with Raphael Saadiq, Stone speaks on being able to go to Saadiq for advice and being able to bounce ideas off of him knowing she will get a straight forward answer in return.  Stone and her charming demeanor seem to light up the studio, so why not put her up for a challenge?  Check out the full interview as well as Joss Stone singing gracefully over some classic beats in the 5 Fingers of Death.

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