Josh Hartnett Breaks Down the Psychological Horror of “Penny Dreadful” + Recalls Meeting Prince and Influence He Had on His Home State of Minnesota

Video by YSKSK

Very few guests get more than one intro on Sway in the Morning, following DB’s flops after having the honors passed over by Sway, Heather B steps in for a hilariously sultry introduction.

With the 3rd season of “Penny Dreadful” coming to Showtime on May 1st we hear Hartnett break down to aspect of psychological horror that takes place on the show. After Sway reveals the show gives him a similar feeling to when he first watched “The Exorcist,” Hartnett jokes about running home from a friends house after watching “Poltergeist.”

Being that “Penny Dreadful” is Hartnett’s first series, he speaks on the intense filming process and filming 9 episodes in 6 months.

Taking on more complex roles as he gets older we hear Hartnett speak on taking a mixed bag of movies when he was younger so he didn’t get pigeon holed as the heartthrob who couldn’t act in films with meaning.

Being from Minnesota, Hartnett opens up about meeting Prince in a club in LA. He speaks on the influence Prince had on Minnesota and reveals that his favorite song is “Purple Rain” because of it’s huge impact on music and film.

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