Jon Taffer Breaks Down “Bar Rescue” and Yells at Sway to Keep Things Authentic + Judges Heather B’s Mixology & Talks About Upcoming Late Night Talk Show

Video by PVA Ent

Turning failing hole in the wall establishments into glistening bars and restaurants, Jon Taffer and his crew are ready to roll out season 5 of “Bar Rescue” on Spike. Joining Sway in the Morning to talk through some of his biggest challenges, Taffer wastes no time breaking down the show.

Saying candidly that he would “walk off the fucking set” if a single word of his show was scripted Taffer walks Sway and the crew through each day of his process of flipping bars. Revealing that he draws up designs after the first day he speaks on the stress of filming and planning at the same time. Known for his fiery passion while getting in people’s faces Taffer lets Sway have it to make the interview authentic.

Recalling one time where he didn’t finish the job he speaks on finding an attachment away from the stubborn owner, usually finding an employee or a spouse that urges him to help. Explaining the notion of stubbornness Taffer breaks down the term ‘asshood,’ he says if you have asshood with a purpose it’s okay but if you have asshood without a purpose you’re simply an asshole.

After talking through the show Taffer critiques Heather B’s mixology skills as he explains that a proper drink balances sweet, sour and alcohol. After tasting the drink he says Heather balanced all three well and the only advice he would offer would be to work on presentation.

Wrapping things up Taffer explains that Spike has approached him to film a late night talk show on the channel. While they’re still deciding the exact theme Taffer reveals that they will be shooting in October.

Watch the full interview above and tune into Spike on August 7th for the premier of season 5 of “Bar Rescue.”

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