John Starks Speaks on Biggie’s Quote “I Got A Story To Tell” – Was it True?

While the cast of ESPN’s Highly Questionable had former Knicks star John Starks on the show, they wasted no time asking one question we have all wondered. “Was Biggie Smalls talking about you in the track I Got A Story To Tell?” Starks laughed at the question admitting that the story was true, but he wasn’t the one taking the loss. Of course, who would leave it there? They continued to full-court press him throughout the segment to get the who, what, where and how regarding the details but Starks remained close-mouthed saying, “I know who it’s about, but I won’t say. I can’t tell you. I just wanna make it clear that it’s not me.” Two things we learned. John Starks is a stand-up dude and the late great legend Biggie was slicker than your average.

While we’re discussing the legend, enjoy his Wake Up Show interview with Sway below:

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