John Singleton Reveals Thoughts on Tupac’s Movie + Introduces Damson Idris & Talks “Snowfall” on Sway in the Morning

John Singleton Reveals Thoughts on Tupac’s Movie + Introduces Damson Idris & Talks “Snowfall” on Sway in the Morning


The fresh new hit series star, Damson Idris and Director and Writer, John Singleton, stop by to discuss the new show, Snowfall. Early in the interview Singleton discusses how he has had this show mapped out in his head since he was the age of 11.

The show depicts the breakdown of the community and family, after drugs hit the South Central area in Los Angeles. Singleton focuses on the epidemic of crack in specific because it relates to one of the biggest wars against black people. “I look at three different moments in Black History that really effected us; slavery, Jim Crow, and Crack,” said Singleton. He speaks on the importance of Crack because it shows how Crack really broke family’s down.

As the lead actor, Idris, discusses the process of his auditioning and how he understands playing a character of this magnitude comes with responsibility. He also takes us into his past as he discusses how crack hit his neighborhood in the early 2000s.Not only does this show relate to everyone who grew up in L.A. during those times, you can hear how it has effected people across other nations. The crack epidemic was such an immense time because it had the power to completely break down a person.

In the second part of the interview Idris and Singleton talk on the new disturbing scene of the show, Snowfall. With the help of some callers, Singleton touches base on how authentic he wanted the show to be, that is why he incorporated the scene into the show. “Everything I do, I try to get people really emotionally invested in it,” said Singleton. “If you can do that as a story teller folks will watch your stuff over and over.”

Watch John Singleton and Damson Idris’ passionate conversation with Sway, about the new show, Snowfall.

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