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John Salley Outlines His Love For Rap Music & Sway In The Morning, Says Magic Johnson Is The Best Basketball Player Ever & Discusses New Business Ventures

From the Bulls to the Pistons to Lakers with Shaq and Kobe, John Salley has played with and against some of the best basketball players of all time.  We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the 4 time NBA champion about his love for rap music, the best player in NBA history as well as some of his latest business ventures.

Since the start of Sway In The Morning we have had many guests who have been big fans of the show and listened daily but none of them have shown their passion quite like John Salley.  From the Friday Fire Cypher to Get In The Game, Salley speaks on how the diverse platform is a true breeding ground for some of the best music out right now.  Mentioning an experience last week listening to rapper D.U.B.B., Salley discusses listening to the show with his daughter and the things he teaches her about music.

Salley speaks on his love for Nicki Minaj and the first time he heard “Love More” which features a Salley name drop.  From there we hear some jokes about what kind of a ladies man Salley was before he tied the knot.  He discusses working with a company called Little Black Thong and jokes about doing erotic photography.

From there the conversation dives into so often debated subject of the best NBA player ever.  As a friend of Michael Jordan, Salley says that Jordan was definitely the best player in the 90’s but he thinks Magic Johnson takes the title outright.  He also throws the likes of Dr. J, Kareem and Jerry West into the conversation.  Salley also speaks on the utter power and athletic ability of Lebron James and jokes about a time where he told MJ that 27 year old Kobe could have taken him no problem.

Towards the end of the interview we are joined by DJ Gianni Lee who outlines his new “Blue” EP and Cartel Clothing line and reveals that he once interned for Sway at MTV.  Check out the full video below to hear all of this and more.

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