John Salley Joins Denaun Porter, Corr Kendricks and Oddisee for Friday Fire Cypher

John Salley Joins Denaun Porter, Corr Kendricks and Oddisee for Friday Fire Cypher

Detroit was in the building strong as Denaun Porter sits next to the Bad Boy Pistons member himself John Salley as we talk a little during the Friday Fire Cypher. You can hear his touch on Bad Meets Evil, work with 50 Cent and a long list of tremendous projects with his stamp on it outside of the obvious D12 winning streak.  Despite the success, he stays hungry with an “earn my way” mentality and it shows through releases such as the ‘Stuff in my Backpack‘ EP (available now) as well as his perspective after traveling on some of the most successful tours.

John Salley not only has the respect on the court for Detroit but on the music scene as well. Salley has a very special relationship with Paul Rosenberg after being there from Day 1. The incredible story offers an emphatic yes when ever wondering if Salley is a real hip hop head intertwined as one with the culture. He has a strong love for the city and believes wholeheartedly “it is/was where the talent is.”

Mr. Porter starts us off right for the Friday Fire Cypher as he preps a dope beat selection for Corr Kendricks and Oddisee but not before he rips it apart himself with a freestyle. Oddisee has an intricate flow that fully showcases a Maryland hybrid sound while Corr Kendricks has a deep, journalistic delivery that comes from years of jotting down raw emotion. Both bring something completely different but leave with one constant, bars. Check out the full video below:

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