John Raya Transforms NFL Team Helmets into Star Wars Concepts as ‘The Force Awakens’ Approaches + Actor John Boyega Interview

As the latest addition to the classic Star Wars story prepares to do record breaking box office numbers this weekend (December 18th release), one creative mind and apparent football fan decided to combine the “force” with a few of his favorite football team helmets.

John Raya created some of the coolest NFL headgear we either never got a chance to see, slipped our mind or just feels even more special with ‘The Force Awakens‘ around the corner. He took the time to bounce back and forth between both conferences, even using locations from the movie to add a realistic feel to his created team names.

Oakland (Coruscant) Vaders


Philadelphia (Dagobah) Yodas


Chicago (Hoth) Wampas


New York (Yavin) X-Wings


Buffalo (Tattooine) Banthas


Green Bay (Nal Hutta) Hutts


Dallas (Yavin) Rebels


New England (Coruscant) Jedis


Hit us @SwaysUniverse and let us know which one you like the most! You know we gotta go with the Raiiiiiders *Chris Berman voice* or should we say the Vaders. All 32 teams can be viewed in his gallery here.

Be sure to check out the dope interview with Star Wars actor John Boyega before you visit theaters, makes the on screen experience that much better…

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer (Official) on Disney Video

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