John Oates of the Legendary "Hall & Oates" Gives Advice, Secret to Success & Why Rap Groups Won't Last

John Oates is best known for his work with Daryl Hall. The two made up the incomparable and hit-making-wonder-band by the name of Hall & Oates. Hall & Oates is arguably the most successful rock duo of all time. Rappers like Kanye West, Pharrell and their music equals — have sampled Hall & Oates original tracks in more ways than we can count on both hands. Having learned many lessons together, John Oates found himself coming to the quick realization of the dirt in the music business and says that the one thing he tells artists of today, who are trying to make it in the industry is,

“Do exactly what you believe in — be true to yourself. Do the music you believe and then get out and play it. Get out in front of people and make them believe that you’re real.”

Previous to that, John preaches on the secret behind his and Daryl’s connection, stating:

“Ego’s get in the way. I think everybody wants to be their own…be respected and have their own representation. But with Daryl and I, we’ve always been two guys who saw themselves as two individuals, but we worked together. But I never said to him ‘Hey man you can’t do that’ or ‘you can’t go work with (him)’ and he’s never said that to me — and maybe that’s the secret.”

The Philly star who migrated to New York to pursue his rock career, admits how the boombox and walking through the alley ways of a largely influential Hip-Hop community, had heavily influenced their tracks and the way they played.

Sir John Oates will be Debuting “Another Good Road” TV Special on Palladia this coming Saturday, January 24. In this, he gives us new perspective on an exciting period of musical growth.

Watch the man speak pure wisdom on the industry, the impact of Hip-Hop in his career with Hall & Oates and what he’s up to now:

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