By Simone Hunter-Hobson

John Corbett stopped by Sway in the Morning to give details about his new film, ‘All Saints’.

Playing the role of an Episcopalian minister, Corbett discusses his character’s journey to save a church in the community. He also explains the research he conducted for the role, particularly reflecting on childhood memories of his community’s Priest.

It seems that for John Corbett, this film expands beyond the realm of making a movie. In fact, the film seems to offer an opportunity for Corbett to reflect and share his thoughts with Sway in the Morning. For example, the film portrays the story of a man helping others. As John Corbett talks about growing up without a father, he reminisces about the support and love from members of his community which lend a helping hand to Corbett.

Tune in to hear more about John Corbett talk about his childhood, his relationship with Bo Derek, and more.

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