John Cho Comments On the Use of Yellowface + Talks New Movie ‘Star Trek Beyond’

Video by YSKSK

From American Pie to Harold & Kumar, John Cho has shown so much growth in his acting throughout the years.  He stopped by Sway in the Morning to talk about his new movie Star Trek Beyond and what rapper would John Cho be reincarnated as?  He’s not that big on hip-hop but he’d choose anyone from NWA specifically Ice Cube, showing Cali love.

When a caller asked about his thoughts on Caucasian actors using yellowface (when a white actor pretends to be Asian or takes an Asian role), Cho responds with it makes him sad that this is still going on and it really needs to stop.  He gives advice to upcoming actors saying there’s going to be a lot of people talking to you and there is a voice inside you that you have to get really good at listening to, whether it’s to tell you if a role is best or if someone is trustworthy or not, but always remember to listen to that voice.

Watch all that, plus find out what #IceCreamLife means in the interview above…I bet you can’t guess what it is.  Star Trek Beyond is in theaters now!

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