Joey Fatone Tells Never Before Hear Story About NSYNC and Michael Jackson + Transitioning from Pop Star to Actor and Being Mr. Mom

Joey Fatone has done just about everything in his incredible career. From pop star to film actor, Broadway actor and host, Fatone has transitioned seamlessly from boy band member into picking up one of a kind roles in the entertainment industry.

With “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” hitting theaters nationwide tomorrow, March 25th, Fatone came by Sway in the Morning and showcased his fun loving personality. Starting the conversation off by mentioning the ‘pop star graveyard’ of people who never made it out being singers, Fatone reveals that he was very cautious about picking new roles following his time with NSYNC. It helped that Fatone’s first love was musical theater coming up in high school as he took on Broadway. Landing the lead role in “Rent,” he reveals that he actually prefers an ensemble role as an actor to play off the other characters.

Getting back into stories of his time with NSYNC, Fatone speaks on their VMA performance with Michael Jackson in 2001. Revealing that Jackson agreed to be on stage with them only to have his camp pull him out, the NSYNC members then decided to pull out of their performance at the icon show. Playing on the edge the decision ended up working out as Jackson once again agreed to come on stage and dance during their performance.

With two daughters ages 15 and 6, Fatone speaks on his fatherly duties as he sometimes plays Mr. Mom when his wife is out of town or he’s in between projects. Often embarrassing them when he drops them off at school he jokes about his oldest being an archery geek. It’s easy to see that Fatone’s heart is in the right place as he only has high praises for both of his children.

Check out the full interview above and make sure to see “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” in theaters starting tomorrow!

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