Joey Bada$$ Drops New Video for “Temptation”

Joey Bada$$ has returned with new visuals and remains a force to be reckoned with. “Temptation” speaks on defeating mentalities and surpassing expectations. The song is a sort of hymn that begs for change from both sides of unfortunate circumstances.

On one side, the 22-year-old is explaining why certain people end up in the situations that keep them down. He asks that they look for alternative methods to survive and that they expand their minds. On the other side, he’s explaining to more fortunate people that there are many factors that add to the former’s demise and it’s not always a ‘case in point’ situation for judgment.

Through the video, he takes the audience on a journey through the aforementioned cycle, from brownstones to street corners and ending at a church in praise. Check out the video below.

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