Joell Ortiz Says Would Win in Battle Against Jay Z, Kendrick, Ye, Slaughterhouse & Eminem Would Be His Toughest Challenge

With his highly anticipated solo project “House Slippers” dropping today, Joell Ortiz stops by the Sway In The Morning Studios to discuss Slaughterhouse and reminiscing on a time when all that mattered was if you could rhyme.

Ortiz takes some calls from fans and discusses the meaning behind the title track as well as “Say Yes.”  From talking about all the members of Slaughterhouse and the memories he reveals on “Brothers Keeper” we hear how making Slaughterhouse records is different than working on a members solo project.

With the mentality that he’s brand new in the game and has something to prove, Ortiz explains all the work he has put in as of late and how he is spilling everything out on the new album.  Catch the exclusive interview below.

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