Joell Ortiz and !llmind Get Help From Bodega Bamz, Emilio Rojas and Chris Rivers to Bring Culture to Life in “Latino PT. 2” Video

The time has arrived, Joell Ortiz and !llmind tag team album “Human” will be here this Friday (July 17th). What can you expect? C’mon now, is that really a question? We KNOW what those two have to offer the music world including authentic bars, beats and winning bets on a successful project. Any and all doubt about that takes a backseat after hearing the first official single “Latino Pt.2” featuring Bodega Bamz, Emilio Rojas and Chris Rivers. As if the true to life verses didn’t paint a thorough picture, the talented group gives us the visual to match.

Watch below as Joell Ortiz holds it down for his culture with the help of some strong lyricists and top notch production from !llmind.

Human Album

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