Joel Kinnaman Describes How He Prepared For His Role as Rick Flag in “Suicide Squad”

Video by PVA

Tracy G held it down while Sway and Heather B were out of the studio and talked to Joel Kinnaman about his upcoming role in Suicide Squad.  When asked what made him want to be apart of the cast, Kinnaman said he’s been following the movie from the sidelines, and once Tom Hardy dropped out, he knew he had to do the movie.

Being on set with actors and actresses like Will Smith and Viola Davis, Kinnaman said the set was really silly and they actually become like a real life squad,  Joel also said Will is one of the most genuine people, so being inspired by him, how can you not be on your ish?  Kinnaman also describes what it was like preparing for the role and linking up with 3 military dudes who didn’t let him sleep for almost 60 hours (yikes).  Watch as he describes that experience and more in the interview above.  Suicide Squad with be in theater this Friday (August 5)

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