Joe Scarborough Discusses Trump’s Muslim Ban + Republican Party’s Agenda + His Time As Florida Representative

Joe Scarborough Discusses Trump’s Muslim Ban + Republican Party’s Agenda + His Time As Florida Representative

Joe Scarborough, co-host of ‘Morning Joe’ show on MSNBC network, stops by Sway In The Morning to discuss the political climate with the Trump administration, views on the Muslim Ban, and the future of America’s democracy.

Constantly staying up to date on the Trump’s administration, Joe Scarborough gives all the details about the dangers of Donald Trump’s presidency. When asked whether he voted for Donald Trump, Scarborough immediately asserts, “I could never vote for anybody especially in my party that wanted to ban a billion people because of the god they worship. I mean the Muslim ban was un-American… This sounds kind of like what happened in Nazi Germany in 1933 [and] 1934.” Indeed, Scarborough further explains that he could no longer stand by and subsequently had to leave the Republican party, in which he believes that not enough members of the party are speaking up against Trump’s bigotry.

Reflecting on his time as a Florida Representative, Joe Scarborough also discusses the need for transparency and integrity in American politics. For example, Scarborough attributes his successful Congressional campaign to his honest discussion about Medicare to voters. He confidently states, “You can tell the people the truth, and they can take it. But you can’t tell it in sound bites. You got to hold town hall meetings. If Republicans have the nerve to go to Alabama, to go to Tennessee, and to go to Texas and say ‘This is why I’m not putting up with Donald Trump anymore. He’s lying everyday. He’s undermining the Constitution. He’s saying racist and bigoted things’… I’m telling you; people from the most conservative states and most conservative districts – they can win.”

Nonetheless, after much discussion about the legacy of Trump’s presidency, Joe Scarborough believes that this presidency will simply be a “fluke” in American history. He states, “I think we are much closer to what we saw in 2008 than what we saw in 2016. That’s future. It’s the future in every way politically, demographically – you name it. There aren’t enough Donald Trump voters that are going to be around in 10 years.”

Tune in to hear Scarborough’s debut EP, the Republican Party, and more.

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