Joe Manganiello Gushes On Meeting "La Toti" Sofia Vergara + Chats About His Porn-Star Name & Being A True Blue-Collar

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Joe Manganiello that he met (his now fiancé) Sofia Vergara the same day he and Sway met at the MTV VMAs white carpet. Their is no going zero to one-hundred in this chat, because this conversation immediately starts at 100 — as “The Angel on His Shoulder” a.k.a.: Sway, proceeds to invite himself to the wedding for playing a part in the couples love. Joe soon gets thrown in the middle of a pack of wolves, as he finds himself talking about his porn star name with Heather B and Sway on-air.

This Pittsburg native is best known for playing werewolf by the name of Alcide Herveaux on True Blood –but he has since moved on and up as an eye-candy to the irresistible big screen flick(s) Magic Mike (XXL). He even gets our very own DB to admit that he thoroughly enjoyed watching the sequel to Magic Mike.

Joe couldn’t keep the conversation away from his beloved, Sofia — and he gushes about all of the reasons he loves her, also providing some insight and advice for women to catch a heartthrob of their own. But Sway doesn’t let him off that easily, as he challenges Joe to a game of “How Well Do You Know Sofia?

Does he pass? Or is all of Columbia going to have to go after this man?

You’ll have to watch below, to see:


Make sure to catch XXL, which is making its big premiere on July 1. Peep the trailer, below:

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