Joe Budden Turns Drake into Target Practice “Just Because”

The last thing you want to do is step in the ring with a fighter when you’re not prepared. The internet thought just that last year when Drake went at Meek Mill and there was no response. But, Meek was basically saying you can’t be the best rapper and not write your own raps. Fast forward to this summer and Drake is on the opposite end as Joe Budden continues to make the Toronto favorite his personal target practice after taking shots multiple times knowing very well that he has quietly been one of the nicest lyricists in music for years. While Budden hasn’t had the commercial success that Drake has, the hip hop culture still stands firmly on the quality of BARS. Something that Joey has known well over the years, let’s be honest – how many artists today could hold their own in a super group with Royce Da 5’9, Joel Ortiz and Crooked I? Not many.

Budden has always put his emotions on display and been fully transparent with fans (which is what made his ‘Mood Musik’ series pretty epic) so when Joe pokes fun at Drake “I hear a little me in you” – it’s not too far from the truth. While he claims that he is just showing the OVO front man some tough love…these whoopings are making us all cringe wondering if there will be a response. You can take the business minded “what do you have to gain from the battle” approach or you can do it for the sport. Time will tell which route Drake takes but for now Budden is giving him more bars “Just Because”.

Check it out below:

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