Joe Budden Releases Runnin’ Budden Merch Inspired by His Run-In With Drake Fans

From “Making A Murderer” to “Wake,” Joe Budden‘s recent run at Drake has been very well documented. From radio interviews to tweets some Drake fans weren’t going to let this dispute go un-noticed from team OVO. Running up on Budden’s house the fans shouted OVO and taunted Budden until he felt the need to chase them down. All going down live on Twitter, Budden’s running stride was taken and blown into a full blown meme frenzy.

Taking this opportunity and capitalizing on it Budden has taken to his online store to unveil merch with his animated meme picture on full display. Check out JoeBudden.com to grab your dad hat or tee with ‘runnin’ Budden’ on display.


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