Joe Budden and Emanny Share Timeless Chemistry in “Immortal”

Joe Budden and Emanny Share Timeless Chemistry in “Immortal”

When you think of the word immortal, it could bring several thoughts to mind but hopefully you don’t think it takes perfection to achieve it. Everything that we commonly share as human beings are the very things that make thoughts, ideas, songs, and concepts live on forever. Exposing the good, bad and ugly completely vulnerable for the world to share and relate to is the most difficult thing for individuals to do. Yet it is the exact reason why legendary music and artists are able to leave lasting legacies, standing the test of time.

Joe Budden is one of those artists that stands firm on his own truth, sharing his difficulties as they happen and using clever metaphors to blend his skill with triumph when facing that same adversity. A lot of different opinions have surfaced over the years about Joey but one thing is consistent no matter who you ask: Honest Music. That in itself contains the most important ingredient of timeless music (honesty). As the new album ‘All Love Lost‘ approaches (Oct. 16th), Budden and Emanny give us something they hope lives on beyond just the season in their latest collaboration “Immortal“. These two have been at it together for years and the chemistry is unmatched.

Check out another chapter in the Budden saga below and swing by iTunes to pre-order the album.


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