Jodeci Uncut: Music, Memories, Family, Fights & Stalking Fan Stories

JODECI! The legendary R&B group stopped by Sway in the Morning and talked about their new album, The Past, The Present, The Future.

While in-studio they talked about why they went on their hiatus, and the 2 things that kept them relevant — a long catalog and loyal fans.

While talking about fans, Sway mentions one of our co-workers is a huge Jodeci fanatic — then in comes DB, aka “Debonair,” singing their praise and offering to be another member of the group! “Da-De-Ci?!”

Dalvin and K-Ci also opened up about their craziest stalker stories. From fans knowing their social security numbers to another threatening to do harm to K-Ci’s car — both stories are entertaining.

Sway then opens their conversation to old memories, and reminisces about the time they were on the set of Tupac’s How Do You Want It video shoot. Sway had done his last interview with Pac their, and K-Ci shares his vivid memories with us from that day too.

Watch below for more as Jodeci opens up about family, fighting and their new music. The Past The Present, The Future is out now, get your copy HERE.

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