JMSN "The Blue Album" Album Stream

No, this is not a leak. JMSN has allowed guilt free streaming of his sophomore project, The Blue Album via Soundcloud.

Two years ago, since releasing †Priscilla†fans have been waiting and highly anticipating his second project. What’s special about this album is that there are absolutely no features, JMSN flies solo throughout the whole track list. Included on the album are previously released tracks, “Street Sweeper,” “Ends (Money)” and “Addicted.”

JMSN says:

The Blue Album is starting to take form and will continue to form in ways beyond myself. That’s what I love about music and life. It’s so unpredictable. It’s so fun to go with the flow of energy and watch things form as they always do.”

Stream The Blue Album Below:

The album is also currently available on iTunes, so check it out!

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