Jidenna Stands Firm in “Chief Don’t Run”

Jidenna Stands Firm in “Chief Don’t Run”

There are few things in music better than seeing a dope new artist hit their stride in finding their sound and being comfortable/crazy confident in knowing different is good. Jidenna dropped “Classic Man” dressed fresh in tailored made suits while hitting you over the head with legit work for Rap Genius in his verses.

Fast forward to this week and you instantly get that “He did it again” feel after hearing his new drop “Chief Don’t Run”. It’s one of those songs you like even more because you can only imagine how insane the performance will be. Artistically he’s placed himself in an amazing space of freedom between a style of his own and the talented Janelle Monae in his corner.

Check out the new drop from Jidenna below:

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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