Jidenna Drops Three Bangers




Jidenna’s “Classic Man,” was one of the best songs of 2015 — the kind of pop song that captures the current sound but also the more timeless concept of classiness. Refusing to be a one-hit-wonder, Jidenna comes swinging back with three hot songs dropped on Spotify. “Extraordinaire”and “Knickers” capture that same vibe — two great dance songs that are as jazzy as they are poppy and that that also provoke thought. The last song he dropped, “Long Live the Chief,” may take people by surprise, as Jidenna brings nothing but bars over a grimy rap beat. “When I met Bill Clinton i was 17, but dead presidents is all my niggas need,” he spits, bringing brash political awareness to the early Clips-like production. Overall, three gems from Jidenna that imply his reign is not over yet.

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