Jhene Aiko Honors Bill Withers in "Ain't No Sunshine" and "Lovely Day" Acoustic Covers

“Well, I’m getting older and I realize that I am just a compilation of all the great creators who came before me. Not only is it my duty, but it is also my pleasure to show my appreciation.”

Jhene Aiko just continues to gain our respect more and more as she pays homage to Bill Withers for his 77th birthday with an acoustic cover of both “Ain’t No Sunshine” and “Lovely Day”. It is one of those important moments for the continued growth of the music we love. While almost everyone can sing these songs from Withers word for word, they may have never known who exactly created it. So, for Jhene Aiko to introduce her fans to one of her many inspirations in this genuine, down to earth fashion was incredible. The home setting perfectly matches the acoustic compliment behind Jhene Aiko voice as she floats over a few classics.

You can check out the beautiful medley to honor Bill Withers right here:

“This month, for his 77th birthday (July 4), TOCK and I want to pay homage to Bill Withers. Bill Withers’ music has been blessing my ears since I was a baby. I didn’t know it then and not until recently did I understand that this man is responsible for some of the most beautiful, relatable, heart felt songs ever written. Bill is not only a genius songwriter, but he is an amazing singer and musician. The more research I do on Bill, the more I love him. Bill didn’t start creating music until he was in his 30’s, proving that there is no limit to what you are capable of. One of the things that inspires me the most about Bill is his attention to lyrics and storytelling. It wasn’t about his image, being flashy, or putting on a “show”. For him, it was about the song. No fluff, just pure feeling. It was about connecting. It was about the music. And it is still about the music.

Thank you Bill Withers for being so authentic. You are a true inspiration. Happy Birthday!!”  



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