Jet Life’s Corner Boy P drops new visual for “Friday the 13th” just in time for Halloween

It seems as if Jet Life has definitely claimed the whole year of 2015.

After the release of RNS 2, Corner Boy P wasted no time on getting back in the studio to start the recording process of his new project, Money Neva Sleep. The first visual from the project is finally here. Produced by CJ Wallis’ FortyFPS,  the “Friday the 13th” visual dropped just in time for Halloween.

P & his production team decided to keep the spooky spirit alive by featuring Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers for cameos in the video. Normally when you hear these names you immediately think they’re coming take your soul when really all they want is their check & they’re coming to get it by any means necessary.

The beat, the makeup and the special affects makes this video something to see. Peep the visual here and let us know what you think:

We’re patiently waiting on the official release of the project. This time around Corner Boy is demanding our attention.

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