Jerrod Carmichael Responds to Being Called a Young Cosby & Discusses Subject Matter of "The Carmichael Show" and How it Came About

From comedy specials to movie appearances to his own show on NBC, Jerrod Carmichael has come a long way and has the talent to back his impressive run.

With his newest endeavor, “The Carmichael Show,” gearing up to hit the air Wednesday nights on NBC, Carmichael explains to us how he came this far by crafting out real ideas and concept for NBC and not relying on fame.  Being enthralled with the art of the entertainment industry, Carmichael breaks down different structures of comedy seen on TV.

Being compared to Bill Cosby at an early age, Carmichael responds by being excited about the comedy comparison while leaving the personal character section behind.  Giving callers advice about starting their own comedic careers we hear Carmichael discuss the importance of practicing your craft day in and day out.

Check out the exclusive interview below and follow Jerrod Carmichael on Twitter @NotoriousROD.

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