Jeremy Piven Talks Love Life, Gets Candid About the Downward Spiral of Mr. Selfridge in Season 4 + Plays Pimpin’ Like Piven with DB

Jeremy Piven has done an incredible job throughout his career of transforming his characters into people you can relate to. From the raw emotion of Ari Gold to the aura of Mr. Selfridge, Piven just keeps on winning. With the 4th season of “Mr. Selfridge” starting this Sunday, March 27, on PBS we had the please of having Jeremy Piven into the studio to speak on his current role.

Being that this upcoming season has much more emotion, Piven speaks on the notion of British culture not being as open to males showing their softer side. Saying that some of Mr. Selfridge’s actions could lead to his downfall, Piven reveals his attachment to the character and sadness of it almost being over.

While in the studio Piven also fills us in on his love live. Currently single he speaks on being married to his work for the last few years. Making the subject a little lighter DB prepares a game called Pimpin’ Like Piven. Asking Piven to give advice for those looking for love he jokes that he is the last person qualified for such a task.

You can check the full interview above and make sure to keep up with Jeremy Piven on Twitter @jeremypiven.

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