Jeremy Piven Calls "Mr. Selfridge" His Best Work to Date, Shares Entourage Movie Plot & Cameos + Details of Early Career

Building another classic series with his work in London for “Mr. Selfridge,” Jeremy Piven joins Sway In The Morning before the season 3 premiere of his latest body of work airs this weekend.

Playing Mr. Selfridge himself, we hear Piven speak on the story behind his new series and living in England for 7 months out of the year filming.  With PBS’ small budget, Piven discusses the organic building of “Mr. Selfridge” without a large advertising budget.

Outlining the beginning of his career from living in a pool house and auditioning for Seinfeld without seeing a single episode.  Revealing that his first big gig was the voice of Bud Light, Piven shares how hard work got him to where he is now.

With the “Entourage” movie coming out this summer, Piven gives Sway and the crew an exclusive outline of the movie plot while explaining how high the stakes are for the film.  Naming Pharrell, Mike Tyson and Liam Neeson as cameos, there’s no doubt that the Entourage movie will be turning heads.

Ending the interview with a plethora of quatables including mention of Mark Wahlberg and a horse shoe as well as pulling out some Biggie lyrics, this is an interview you don’t want to miss.

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