Jeremy Irvine Speaks on 1st Ever Sex Scene, What Socks he Wore & Michael Douglas

Jeremy Irvine joined forces with acting royalty Michael Douglas in the film ‘Beyond The Reach’ which had to be amazing for the young actor. He admits it was, in fact, an incredible experience as he swung by Sway in the Morning to share his hilarious potentially awkward moments on set. He reveals to the crew it was his first ever sex scene and immediately the questions start rolling in, as we’re sure we have all wondered at one time or another how the scenes are actually filmed. The answer(s) are as equally informative as they are entertaining and your perception of socks may change for a few days.

While Irvine continues to achieve and attract more success, he still remains humble and credits his mother for helping shape the way he views bright lights vs. reality. Great Guy. Great Talk.

Check out the full interview right here:

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