Jennifer Beals Speaks on How Working with Denzel Washington Helped her with Relaxation and Improvisation & How Being a Science Geek Lead her to New Show "Proof"

From “Flashdance” to “The L Word” to “The Book Of Eli,” Jessica Beals has worked on some incredibly inspiring projects alongside some of Hollywood’s finest.  We had the unique opportunity to sit down with her on Sway In The Morning to hear what it was like to work with Denzel Washington and hear secrets from “Flashdance.”

We hear Beals talk about attending Yale while filming the ’80’s classic and then returning to school after.  From there Beals speaks on “The Book Of Eli” and how calm and collected Denzel Washington is at all times.  She reveals that he always kept her on her toes and made acting fun and spontaneous.

Beals also opens up about the show “The L Word” and what it was like playing a lesbian women, what she took from the role and how it shaped her understanding of the world.  Onto her new TNT series, “Proof,” Beals tells us that her love for science and more specifically physics lead her to love what the show was about.

Check out the exclusive interview for the rest of the details and make sure to follow Jennifer on Twitter @jenniferbeals.

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