Jennette McCurdy Talks Pregnancy & Sucking Netflix's D + Moving on From iCarly to "Between"

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Child stars are typically known to make the big bucks, but Jennette McCurdy explains to importance of putting in hard work before expecting those big paychecks.

After all of those years, Jennette has seemed to retire her famous phrase “Where’s the ham?” from her previous hit T.V. series, iCarly; and is now stuck deep in “Between” her new Netflix show, which premieres tonight.

Nowadays, teen pregnancy seems to be a big topic. From the reality T.V. show like Teen Mom and comedy series even Glee — and now Jennette McCurdy has found herself in the same predicament.

No, not in real life. She has just taken the role of Wiley Day on “Between” which shines some light on teenage pregnancy and the battle of rebellion. Jennette begins to explain her role to Sway, stating:

It’s dramatic … every character I’ve ever played seems to be somewhat of a rebel. So I don’t know what that says about me.

She continues to joke,

Maybe I’m just a restrained rebel. But maybe I’m just exercising that part of me through these roles.  Or maybe, I will just fly off of the deep end (giggling).

Sway pleads for her not to do so as she explains that having children and that lifestyle is not in her plans, quiet yet.

Imaginations get a little wild and the in-studio conversations get a little heavy (and sexual) with the crew and little miss, Jennette McCurdy. You won’t want to skip on this. Peep it, below:

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