Jeezy expected to pop Gold Bottles in 2016

Jeezy expected to pop Gold Bottles in 2016

Like many rappers, Atlanta’s Young Jezzy started at top charts and now anticipates popping bottles, his own Gold Bottles that is.

According to Rolling out, the Soul Survivor rapper recently announced “Project Gold Bottles,” a business partnership with long time friend and Tequila Avion founder Ken Austin. Serving as the Tequila Avion brand multicultural advisor, Jeezy and Austin are working together to bring their consumers a “luxury” champagne experience.

While the merge between rapping and alcohol branding has grown popular in the industry, Snowman Jeezy says it was his own love for Tequila that influenced his recent business venture.

“I have long loved high-end tequila and champagne and this love has inspired me to create a rich, full-bodied champagne that represents my passion. I am fortunate to have a partner like Ken whose entrepreneurial track record includes my favorite ultra-premium tequila,” Jeezy said.

“Ken has a deep understanding of the drink’s space and several luxury categories that I know will be invaluable to growing this business. I look forward to bringing a luxury champagne to my fellow artists and fans in the near future.”

Still in the works, Jeezy’s Gold Bottles aren’t expected for sale until year 2016. Vibe out to the Gold Bottles anthem while you wait.



#FLASHBACK to just last year when Jeezy stopped by our SITM Studio to catch us up!

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