JDoe on being signed to Busta Rhymes, Ghostwriting for JLo and Ariana Grande & Growing Up in Inglewood + Freestyles Live

Photo & video by YSKSK Media

First things first, we have to say that Sway’s memory is something crazy.

He recalls first meeting the Inglewood bred multitalented song writer

JDoe opens up about growing up in Inglewood, California around the times gangs first started and not taking part in it but still being protected by the streets.

Who would’ve ever thought a dude all the way from Inglewood would have written for some of the biggest Pop stars in the industry such as Ariana Grande and JLo?

He also touches on how he got signed to Flipmode after going on a random 7 week writing spree with Busta and the rest of the crew.

We also get a preview of he and Sevyn Streeter’s new track “Theme Song” as well as an unexpected freestyle over 2Chainz’ “Duffle Bag Boy”.


Check it out below:

Also, if you haven’t had a chance to listen to JDoe’s new project, Welcome to My Fan Club, you may want to get on that.

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